English Fantasy Football

Assignment: IdeaTwentyOne played a central role in product design and brand development for an immersive online fantasy sports platform focused on the English Premier League—the leading international soccer (football) league. 

Brand Position English Fantasy Football (EFF) represents a revolution in fantasy play for the world’s most popular sport. It represents the integration of the innovation of American fantasy sports into a long-neglected market. Central to EFF is a new model of play, a competitive model developed to produce season-long engagement from participants, and capture the same level of passion as fans following their favorite teams. The EFF brand will develop a lively and dynamic brand through its visual language, tone of voice, and social media persona.

The objective will be to make EFF the definitive online fantasy football experience.


EFF Brand

The brand is immersive

The brand is cheeky

The brand is 21st century

The brand is inclusive

Project Roles:

Founding Team Member

Project & Brand Strategy

Co-Creative Direction

UX Strategy

UX/UI Design

Brand Visual Design

Creative Copywriting


Brand Identity

The symbol integrated the hexagon and pentagon of the soccer ball, plus the Lion and St. George's Cross of England

UX Strategy and Design

Designing the site meant designing the ultimate fantasy game center for Premier League fans

Founding Team:

Founders Committee (3)

Co-Creative Directors (2)

Interactive Designer/Developer (1)

Technology Team (3)


UX and UI Development

The product development team utilizes a bootstrapping strategy with a very lean group of experienced designers and developers. The founders created the game and corresponding play model; the designers visualized the full extent of the brand and site. Mapping out site navigation and functionality required a focused approach: multiple functions needed accommodation within a dashboard structure. The goal was to create a logical home base for users and league commissioners that would minimize page reloads or link-driven navigation. The development team iterated from the wireframes to create an elegant solution with an eye towards touch screen navigation and seamless tab structures. Once the season starts, most players will spend the majority of their time in the game app managing their team, or monitoring their league standings. League creation and player invitations are handled within the app, as are live or auto player drafts. A rich set of scouting tools allows users to monitor Premier League player performance for both real and fantasy statistics.

Game screen designs.